Of Heroes, Traitors and Wimps

Hillary Clinton And Benjamin Netanyahu Meet In Washington

The past few weeks we have been bombarded with more scandals and corruption. It is now to be expected practically weekly, if not daily. Today’s blog is dedicated to my random thoughts on the people making the news lately:  Heroes, Traitors, and Wimps. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, March 3 about the danger of having a nuclear Iran.   He believes the deal President Obama is making with Iran is very dangerous and came to warn Americans and clearly stated his position, much unlike our President.   He warned us that not only Iran will develop a nuclear arsenal soon but will also develop an intercontinental ballistic missile program.  He cautioned us about Iran’s terrorist connections, seizing Yemeni and expanding control to Iraq and Syria.  It took an Israeli leader to speak up and warn the American people of the dangers when dealing with Iran.  Benjamin Netanyahu is a hero; has always been and will never give up to terrorists.  Speaker Boehner deserves our thanks for inviting him to speak in Congress, despite the numerous media criticisms.  Some Democrats decided not to attend while Nancy Pelosi acted again as the childish wealthy brat she is.  They and their President are the traitors, trying to sell us a dangerous deal so the President gets his legacy.

Too bad that right after such magnificent performance by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Speaker Boehner decided to accept full funding for DHS,  including money for illegal aliens in the unconstitutional Obama executive order for amnesty.  In just a few hours, John Boehner went from hero to traitor.  Any government official who allows and approves of an unconstitutional executive order is a traitor.  John Boehner didn’t care about the validity of this order as long as it complied with the wishes of the Chamber of Commerce.  Shame on you Mr. Speaker!  It is time for you to retire, the sooner the better.  And let us not forget the equally treasonous Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  He promised much to Republicans if only they got him elected Majority leader but has since shown he has zero backbone.  That week there was only one hero in Washington DC and his name is Benjamin Netanyahu! Shortly after this display of cowardice by our wimpy Republicans, one bright light shone in DC:  the newly elected and youngest member of the US Senate, Tom Cotton, wrote a letter to the Iranian leaders about their nuclear deal with President Obama.  It reminded them that any deal by the President must be approved by the US Senate to be valid.  It was a great lesson on our Constitution not only to the Iranian mullahs but to our own President.  The letter was signed by 46 other Republican senators.  Senator Cotton was a war hero in Iraq & Afghanistan and, continues to be a hero in the Senate today.  Even though some Democrats agree with him, they dared not sign the letter for fear of repercussions from the Obama administration.  They were the wimps of the week!

And as if we don’t have enough scandals and corruption in the Obama administration, here come the Clintons again.  It was revealed by the New York Times and other news media including Fox News, that Hillary Clinton had kept a personal Email and server for all her State Department official business.  After almost a week Hillary Clinton gave a press conference in which she admitted having kept a personal account and a home server for all of her official business when she was Secretary of State.  She showed her usual arrogance by stating that it was done for convenience, not having to carry with her two phones and concluding that all official Emails had been turn over to the State Department after she had conveniently deleted the personal Emails. Not only Mrs. Clinton conveniently deleted Emails corresponding to the dates around the Benghazi incident on September 11, 2012; but it is known that foreign money to the Clinton Foundation was received during the years when she acted in the official capacity as Secretary of State.  While Hillary Clinton continues her path for more wealth and power, her husband Bill seems to have never learned the lesson with the Lewinsky scandal.  Bill Clinton’s friend,  Jeffrey Epstein, is a financier who was arrested in 2008 for soliciting underage prostitutes.  A new lawsuit has revealed that Bill Clinton took multiple trips to Epstein’s private island where he ‘kept young women as sex slaves’.   Can anyone believe Bill didn’t participate on the island’s orgies?

The Clintons never learned any lessons because no one ever held them accountable for their abuse of power.  When George W. Bush became President, all decent law abiding Americans were hoping his administration would bring accountability for the Clinton’s administration scandals.  Instead, the Bush family decided to “adopt” Bill Clinton as another son of George H.W. Bush and Hillary as their daughter-in-law who was presented with an award by Jeb Bush for her public service. Once again Bill and Hillary Clinton are the traitors and the Bush family have become enablers, not just simple wimps.  Hopefully we will still find a hero on this major corruption scandal, perhaps Congressman Trey Gowdy will finally subpoena Hillary Clinton, her server, and all her communications.

After almost a year of debate, the Army charged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.  If convicted he could serve a life prison sentence.   An independent review by the Government Accountability Office —” said President Obama broke the law in authorizing the release of five Taliban detainees held by the United States in exchange for Bergdahl without consulting Congress.”  One more treasonous act by President Obama who seems to prefer those with anti-American sentiments.  Bergdahl is a traitor but the soldiers in his units are true patriots.  Six of them were interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News; and all six told us the truth:  that Bergdahl had abandoned his post and his fellow soldiers to go looking for the Taliban.  They brought this truth in the open for everyone to know.  Then the wimps of the New York Times decided that Bergdahl should be forgiven because he already had suffered enough at the hands of the Taliban.  Did he not seek them?  He only gets what he deserves!

And last, here comes election news again.  We will have almost two years of constant polling, interviews of candidates, pro-Hillary comments and gotcha questions for Republicans  by our treasonous news media.  Not even Fox News is exempt from the carnival atmosphere we face beginning now.  Let us prepare ourselves by not watching or listening to much of the political news until we are ready to make up our minds.  Each of us can and should do his/her own vetting of the candidates and make a much better decision than if we constantly listen to the news media.

Good luck!

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