The News Media and Brian Williams

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel asked his guest Bill O’Reilly what he thought of the Brian Williams story. Bill O’Reilly’s answer was: ““Well, number one I feel that anybody who is enjoying [the] destruction of this man, you gotta look at yourself here,” he replied. “And there’s a lot of people who seem to be real happy his career is going down a drain. That disturbs me.” “If it’s just one time he’ll get by. But if it’s a pattern, [it’s] going to be hard for him to come back and be the main anchor on NBC.” Bill O’Reilly got up on his high-horse, as usual, and condescendingly became “disturbed” not about an anchorman lying, but about the American public enjoying his destruction.

Bill, perhaps the reason We the People in America enjoy what happened has to do with being fed up, frustrated, and disgusted at the pompous fools in the media having been lying to us for years; having omitted important political stories to cover up for their friends; refusing to investigate scandals and corruption in the Obama administration (Fast & Furious, IRS harassment of conservatives, Benghazi); covering up for tyrants and murderers around the world (Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba——-just to name a few) who constantly abuse their people in the name of their Marxist ideology or Islamic Sharia.  While crimes are being committed around the world by tyrannical governments, the American media has been busy becoming wealthy celebrities.  They are guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity by ignoring the abuses of human rights. Yes, now we know for sure that all the media is in bed together.

We have heard not just from Bill O’Reilly, but also from Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly of Fox News on how bad they feel for Brian Williams. Apparently all of them, even at Fox News, suffer from the elitist inbreeding of NY City and Washington DC. These “semi gods” of the news media are no longer professionals, but celebrities. Their yearly salaries are in the millions, with Brian Williams making $10 million. They’re invited to the most exclusive parties, including at the White House. Megyn Kelly recently happily attended one of such parties with her husband at the White House. She was practically giggling in delight when she told us the story of shaking the President’s hand, and bragging about the wonderful time they had. Knowing who this President is, and what he’s doing to our country, how can any patriotic American enjoy meeting him? As for Brit Hume, he just couldn’t condemn his good friend Brian Williams.  Brit always saw him as a very decent man.  What does it say for Brit Hume’s assessment of character?

I still choose the Internet for my news.  Apparently being on television makes them feel like a celebrity, forgetting they are supposed to be professionals.  That is becoming a hard sell for many of us.

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  1. I would like to comment on your analysis. My first reaction to the Brian Williams story was shock. Even though I did not watch his program, I believed he was a professional with a point of view that did not agree with mine. My next reactions were amazement and sadness. I am not reveling in his possible career destruction ( although in the ways of the mainstream media giants, his career may even be enhanced). I am amazed and saddened that he would find it necessary to embellish, with blatant lies, a story and experience that had merits . Then, to perpetuate the lies over and over again makes one wonder about his mental stability. Did he think that the truth would never surface, or that his colleagues in the media would find a way to cover for him? Is his ego so bloated that he thought his reportage would never dare to be questioned, even by those who knew the truth? As you point out, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly seem to be giving him a pass. I heard both of them, and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. ( I did not hear Brit Hume ). We are setting the worst example for future generations when we excuse this kind of behavior. It has infected sports, politics, science, pedagogy, and even religious institutions. We expect media bias in today’s news commentators and analysists, but there is a vast difference between bias and lies.

    Herb and Carol Mintzer

  2. Article after article in the newpapers used words like”misspoke”, “falsely reported”, “tendency to embellish”,
    “misremembering”, and “fudging”. Brian Wiliams outright lied. He made up statements of his involvement and that is lying. He has lost the credibility that is warranted in any reporting of news whether it be a street reporter or the lead anchor of the nightly news. Should we feel sorry for him or outraged that he manipulated our views of his character?

  3. They’re circling the wagons because they’re chauvinistic elitists and probably because they also have skeletons in their own closets. Great analysis as always.

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