The Bashing of Donald Trump


Donald Trump

The Republican Establishment has become unhinged on its hatred for Donald Trump.

It is indeed appalling how they spend so much time and energy denouncing Trump and trying to make him look bad. They keep talking about Trump’s rudeness but not a word about how others have insulted him. Just the other day, Jeb Bush called Trump a jerk.  For someone at 3% in the polls, he should instead stop insulting the over 30% who choose Trump and re-evaluate his candidacy.  It tells me these individuals care more for their elitist positions in DC than for their country and the American people.

Fox News spends more time bashing Trump than exposing Obama and Hillary for their treason. It happens with 6 pm news with Bret Baier and his crony panel and old timers Brit Hume, Stephen Hayes, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and Megyn Kelly who they want to bring back to the last debate as moderator. I have also seen in with Pajamas Media—-a real effort to trash Trump, particularly by Roger Simon and lately by Victor D. Hansen, who should stick to History.

They think trashing Trump elevates them as “intellectuals” just because Trump is not PC like them. Well, they’re actually losers who have never contributed to any good thing in our society.
Donald Trump has provided jobs for many people, who then pay taxes and raise families.  All of that helps our country. They, on the other hand, write and espouse and comment  but don’t create one job for anybody but themselves. Their jobs do not contribute much of anything except “entertainment”. They cannot even give us straight news; watching the world from the inbreeding chit chats at DC cocktail parties.  Perhaps their inner selves tell them how useless their lives have been in the DC circle and their hatred for Trump is nothing more than jealousy at a man who has achieved the American Dream the hard way—earning it!

Some writers lately have brought out the latest label on Trump, that of a dictator.  Daniel Greenfield excellently explains in his latest blog how this wouldn’t be so out of line since for the past seven years this Congress has allowed Obama to trash the Constitution and rule as a dictator.  As Greenfield says: “The conservative establishment has all sorts of replies, but none of them amount to much. Yes, the rule of law is important. But when the other side is breaking the law to destroy the law, the contention that it should be allowed to destroy the Constitution rather than violate the Constitution becomes idealistic absurdity.”   So perhaps the Left should get a taste of its own medicine and then we will all learn a lesson on democracy and our constitutional principles. I am all for Trump to use that pen and that phone in the Oval Office to destroy every single Obama executive order!  Only after we can go back to some degree of normalcy can we afford to become strict constitutionalists.

However, the “dictator” label for Trump is another misconception to show him as a bully instead of as a  decisive leader.  In the business world one has to work with several people and be able to delegate in order to be successful.  Perhaps to the media “getting things done” means it can happen only by force since DC seems to be populated by mostly those who talk for a living.

The American people are frustrated with Congress.  The Republican Party has twice been rescued by voters, once in 2010 when they won the House of Representatives, and then in 2014 when the people gave them the Senate.  What has happened since we placed Republicans in charge of Congress?  The results have been the same.  Obama has been allowed to continue to rule by executive order and obtain every single desire with the approval of the majority of Republicans.  We have had a few loyal conservatives in Congress who have voted against the leadership and who have brought hearings on certain scandals, such the IRS targeting of conservatives and the Benghazi crime.  However, even these conservatives have not been able to accomplished anything other than their NO votes and some eloquent speech against the corruption.

Why is everyone in DC so afraid to tell the truth?  The truth most Americans of average intelligence already know:  Obama and his minions are traitors.  Obama hates our country.  Obama is a dedicated Alinsky disciple who will never bend our way.  He is also if not a Muslim, someone who admires Islam and blames the White European Christians for all the world’s inequalities and troubles.  Obama has given us countless unconstitutional decisions that are indeed impeachable, but not one Congressman has ever admitted to it.

Why then do the DC elitists wonder what makes Donald Trump so popular?  Right now Trump is the only person in America who tells the truth, even if it sounds rude to the delicate ears of the GOP establishment.  I’m one who believes allowing Muslim refugees into our country, having an unprotected border, helping to establish ISIS in the Middle East and the nuclear deal with Iran happen to be much more important to our national security and way of life than a “rude” candidate for President.

It seems the DC elitists, which of course includes the GOP establishment, seem to think that good manners and friendliness are important qualifications for our leaders when negotiating with our enemies.  Remember how George W. Bush kept telling us how Islam was “a religion of peace.”  This was the same President who allowed the Clintons’ crimes to go unpunished. Instead, the Bush family welcomed them as another son to Bush Sr. and his lovely wife received an award by Jeb Bush for her dedication to public service.  Yes, that public  service who brought millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation by selling their country out to our enemies.

So in other words, if Republicans cannot even punish lawlessness and halt corruption in government, then why bother with the constitution?  Perhaps we indeed need some constitutional amendments.  Our Founding Fathers were very intelligent, but they were human.  John Adams had commented that the Constitution was meant for a moral people.  That in itself tells us that it then fails to take into account the sinfulness of man.  We now see it on the arrogance and fear of the “DC inner class” to lose their power and prestige under a Donald Trump “dictatorship.”

We the People must rise up in 2016 not only against the political class but also against the media, entertainment, and academic groups that have contributed for years to the decline of our moral values, our Founding Fathers principles and our Judeo/Christian values.  Donald Trump is not our problem.  He is our solution.


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