The Upside Down World—–my noncompliance

The Twilight Zone

Do you feel disoriented? confused? living in another planet, or in The Twilight Zone?  You’re not alone. We live today in a world created by evil forces in every facet of our lives daily pushing to convince us we have been wrong and we must join the “progressive” movement to reach out for a better tomorrow.

About to lose everything for the second time in my life, I’m fighting these evil forces with all my being; mind and soul. I pray daily to St. Michael the Archangel for protection and courage to stand up to evil. With God’s help, I will not yield to it and will never comply. They wish to transform all the goodness in my life into evil by portraying sinful behavior as normal and healthy, as a cultural advancement just like a new mobile phone or computer app.

The United States of America, the birth place of liberty and the Bill of Rights, is currently under the administration of an oppressive narcissistic Marxist and Muslim sympathizer, Barack Hussein Obama. We elected twice a man whose goal is to transform our nation from a democratic Republic to a socialistic tyranny.

This government is replacing our Constitution and Bill of Rights with Marxist doctrine and cradle to grave nanny state that would rob us of our freedom,  independence, and God given rights. It won’t work! There are too many of us who will not comply, who will rebel, and who will continue to fight for our freedoms.  They surely will never conquer neither my mind nor my soul.

They wish to demoralize and divide my Catholic Church by choosing a Pope who sympathizes with communists and their so called “social justice.” It won’t work! I come from a Catholic family, immigrants from Spain. Spain was, still is, and will again remain Catholic.  My Catholicism is in my blood, in my DNA, as a descendant of Celtic people who fought the Muslims for over 700 years, the first victory occurring in the mountains of Asturias where I still have family. It went on until Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, both devout Catholics, conquered the last bastion of Islam in Spain: Granada. Queen Isabel had to deal with some corrupt and immoral Popes, but she maintained her faith until death. The Pope is not the Church. All who remain true to the Catholic faith compose the Church. I will remain loyal to the Catholic teaching of my grade/high school Dominican sisters, to the Holy Spirit in my soul, and to the Bible as the Word of God. Those principles will never change and neither will I. Pope Francis will some day passed on and God will judge him, not me.

Our culture has been hijacked by nihilism and hedonism.  Today we live in a society of hatred, violence, envy, resentment, corruption, lawlessness, and immorality.  All methods of communication constantly bombard us with acceptance of the LGBT agenda, including same-sex marriage.   The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in our country with a vote of 5 to 4.  We have here five progressive attorneys, some senile, redefining the institution of marriage that has been maintained for centuries and established as a sacrament by our Lord Jesus Christ.   As if that wasn’t enough, the LGBT organization demands we accept also the transgender agenda with the media in full cooperation telling us Bruce Jenner is now “Caitlyn.”  Bruce recently transformed into a woman by radical facial surgery, a wig and air brushing photography.  Not only that, but they view this person as someone of courage, not our military men and women, not our police or firemen, but a psychologically disturbed individual that no matter how much he tries will always be a man because his DNA contains that XY Chromosome.

Rachel Dolezal, a civil rights activist recently had to resign as president of the NAACP chapter of Spokane, Washington, when this past June her parents identified her as a white woman who had been presenting herself as an African American.  She and her supporters contend there is no lying since she thinks of herself as being an African American woman.  In other words, we now have a man, Bruce Jenner, who changed his appearance to look feminine, insisting on being called Caitlyn because he is now a woman.  And we have a white woman insisting of being African American because that is how she identifies.  And the worst of it all is that there are people who actually believe in these fantasies.

As for our Justice system, many of our judges have lost respect for the law. Our politicians including President Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch are inciting riots against police and order in our cities.  Baltimore has become just another “killing field” where Black lives only matter if killed by a policeman.  President Obama and his DOJ are accomplices in the murder of poor Blacks in Baltimore.  Breaking eggs is just part of making that omelet, so why not sacrifice a few lives?  Obama’s wish is that promise to bring a national police force, one more brick needed to build that totally transformed America.

Many of our government officials are corrupt and inept. A former President, Bill Clinton, and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been running a corrupt scheme passing as charity. They have even sold out our Uranium sources to our enemies in exchange for millions of dollars.  Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has acted as an arms dealer, allowing the sale of American weapons to some unworthy customers while those governments made hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation.  They go on as if nothing is wrong.  Hillary Clinton declares her candidacy for President while all her scandals are being hushed by her faithful thugs and the adoring media.   Richard Nixon is a saint now by comparison.

We have had so many major scandals that it is difficult to keep up with all of them: Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Veterans Hospitals, etc. No one has gone to jail; no one has even been indicted.  American patriots came to the polls again in 2014 to help the GOP obtain control of the Senate, as it had done before to give them control of the House.  But what has Congress done so far with this majority?  We hear our Congressmen speak, we see them calling committee meetings, and promising us changes and end to corruption.  The clock ticks, the people lose hope, nothing seems to change, no one is indicted, we pray in vain—-what happened to our faith, where is our God?

God is nearer to us than we think.  The 9/11 terrorist attack brought us unity briefly, but it wasn’t enough to bring us back to our Judeo/Christian values.  God had to allow us to get our way, to erroneously and sinfully worship an idol, Obama, the One who promised us Hope & Change, who would bring peace and stop the rise of the oceans.  How different are we from the Israelites under Moses?  We complain about God; how can He exist as pure Goodness and yet allow ISIS to decapitate, crucify, and burn innocent people?  We dare to blame God instead of taking responsibility for our actions.

Let us not despair! God can still spare our country if enough Americans pray for repentance and forgiveness.  We don’t have to join the multitude; we don’t have to follow the trends.  We can remain true to our Judeo/Christian values, to our family, to our friends, to our country.  “Be not conformed to this world; but be you transformed by the redeeming of your mind.”  Rom. XII. 2   “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”  Rom. XII.21

May God have mercy on us and may He bring sinners to repentance.  Oremus!



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