And the Battle Begins: A Businessman, a Consitutional Attorney, and a Politician

White House

The battle for the GOP presidential nomination began with the Iowa Caucus on February 1, 2016.  It is currently being fought by only three candidates out of the original seventeen.  We have Businessman Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, a constitutional attorney, and Senator Marco Rubio, a politician.  Each of these candidates is unique and have some major differences in style, backgrounds, expertise and electability, but only one has the capacity to win and to restore our principles, economy, and national security.  That candidate is Donald J. Trump, the only non-politician, not associated with DC and not funded by any special interests.

Senator Marco Rubio is undisputable the GOP Establishment’s candidate.  He is the consummate politician insider whose only job in life has been in the public sector.  Senator Rubio has worked well with the most liberal Democrats such as Senator Schumer and Senator Durbin and, with the most RINO of Senators McCain, Flake, and Graham in the infamous Gang-of-Eight legislation; his only accomplishment as Senator for the past six years.  The legislation was defeated in the House thanks to pressure from conservative voters and Numbers USA.

Senator Rubio was chosen by the GOP establishment to convince Republican voters that this legislation was needed and would attract coveted Hispanic voters to the Republican Party. My own opinion on this deal is that Rubio was probably led to believe the Party would support him for President; Rubio’s dream of becoming the “first Hispanic President” seemed fitting after the “first Black President.” That way the Republican Party would feel they were even with the Democrats. So is the logic in DC these days!

Senator Rubio’s campaign has been funded by PACs based on money from multimillionaires who wish to maintain open borders as to bring in more cheap labor while many Americans remain unemployed.  The Senator also endorsed and voted for more H-1B visas that give foreigners the right to take away jobs from Americans, as it was done by the Disney company in Florida.

A second issue in which Senator Rubio agrees with GOP establishment is on foreign policy. Senator Rubio is often mentioned as a foreign policy expert, having served in the Senate Foreign Affairs committee. But his solution to every major conflict in the world has been to involve the US military.  Senator Rubio, along with John McCain and Lindsay Graham supported involvement in Libya and regime change.  After Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s lies, Senator Rubio chose to forget this subject. It shows the mentality of a young man who while never serving in the army, likes to talk as a commander. As for bringing in “Muslim refugees”, Rubio supports this absurd idea.

Marco Rubio’s entire life has been as a politician first in Florida and now in Washington DC. He never worked in anything else; and he never led a business or even an organization. Marco Rubio is the consummate politician; just the person we do not need and we do not want as President.  For more on Senator Marco Rubio, please refer to my blog’s article:  Just Another Charming Young Man.

Senator Ted Cruz decided to run for President only after four years on his first term in the Senate.  It seems that becoming a Senator from Texas and acting as the Tea Party Senator were part of his plan to run for the presidency.  It has been an excellent vehicle to propel him from unknown to someone always in the news by standing up for the conservative principles against the RINO Senators.  Intelligent, astute, eloquent, disciplined and patient, Senator Cruz was able to win the Iowa Caucus to become the first Hispanic to hold that accomplishment.

As much as I admire Ted Cruz’s achievements and his devotion to the constitution, I cannot go as far as to support him for President because the negatives outperform the positives of his candidacy.  What do I view as his negative points? First is the question of eligibility.  The courts need to clarify the argument of what “natural born citizen” means.  It keeps coming up and already someone has filed a lawsuit against Senator Cruz on eligibility.  It is interesting that some of the same conservatives who doubted Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility now have no problem with Ted Cruz having been born in Canada to a Cuban/Canadian citizen and an American/Canadian citizen.

Second, Senator Ted Cruz has limited executive experience, having never been in charge of a business or organization. The presidency is an executive position and Senator Cruz is better suited for a judicial appointment.  Just as with Senator Rubio, I consider him too young and inexperienced to take on the leadership role at a crucial moment for the survival of our country.  Senator Ted Cruz is a thinker not a doer.  His accomplishments have been in courtrooms; in winning debates and in sending conservative messages.  We need people like him in government, but not in an executive position, particularly with the problems our country faces today that clamor for immediate relief.

Right at this moment when our Country is in desperate need of rebirth in the economy, defense, social issues, what we need as President is someone who can quickly make important decisions that can affect the future, someone who is at ease with tough decisions and negotiations, certainly not an amateur!

Third, Senator Ted Cruz cannot win a national election.  It would be incredibly difficult for him to win in any of the blue states, and even in some purple states like Florida.  He is not well liked by many, even in his own Party.  His confrontations with other members of Congress have been well documented and the media has used them against him to the point that has poisoned many minds against him.  Just like eligibility, electability is a most important issue.

I now must add, unfortunately, that Senator Cruz’s campaign tactics in Iowa are very disturbing.  Dr. Ben Carson, a very decent person and loyal American, was probably robbed of votes by notification to voters that Dr. Carson was getting out of the race by Rep. Steve King, Senator Cruz’s campaign and others in his campaign, and asking them to change their votes to Ted Cruz.  To say today that he is sorry is not enough.  This was a malicious trick that was meant to obtain more votes from evangelicals.  In addition, I was appalled at Senator Cruz’s hysterical invocation of our Lord:“awaken the body of Christ that we may pull back from the abyss.” 

The last man standing will be Donald J. Trump, who I support and endorse for President.  My views on Trump have changed much in the past six months.  I’ve never been one of his fans; never watched The Apprentice and only occasionally watched him in some news show.  He never made an impact on me, like or dislike; it was more like neutral.  I didn’t even care for him to enter the already crowded race.

After the original excitement by his followers, I decided to add Donald Trump to my vetting process.  And yes, I vet candidates; I follow up voting records of politicians; and I do as much research as possible from different internet sources.  I never rely on the TV or newspaper media since all of them are biased.

Many things I learned about Donald Trump pleasingly surprised me.  He received an excellent education and graduated from Wharton School of Business with a degree in Economics.  His father taught him about hard work when he chose to have him learn the trade on construction sites, working right alongside with blue collar workers.  It impressed me that Mr. Trump passed this on to his children, who learning well the lesson are today highly educated, eloquent, polite, humble, hard working, family oriented, and well adjusted individuals.  They were raised by billionaire parents in New York City, and yet not one of them has ever been involved in any scandal.

I have also been impressed by Mr. Trump’s work ethics, by his passion for his business, and his fair treatment of his employees.  He has been able to create thousands of good jobs that provide higher standard of living for many American families, who in turn pay the taxes and invest in goods and services that fuel our economy.  That is how capitalism should work!

Despite his three marriages both of his ex-wives are in friendly terms with him; his first wife Ivana, supports his candidacy and speaks well of him.  Donald Trump is also a compassionate person.  He has given money to several worthy charities and has helped many people in need without publicizing his good works.

I find it insulting and condescending when “pious” people treat Mr. Trump as a willful sinner and when the elitist media finds him “vulgar.”  Have these “pious” people read the Bible?  Do they not know what Jesus said about judging? What does morality mean to them?  Donald Trump is fighting against the worst immoralities we face in the world today:  Islamic terrorist savages, cheating our American workers of good jobs, loss of our sovereignty and freedoms, hatred for our law enforcement, mistreatment of our veterans are just a few examples of what I consider not just immoralities, but Evil!  And then the elitist media seems much more preoccupied with “tone” and “vulgar” language than with the real dangers we face.  Hypocrites!

Our Country is now at a point of no return.  We need to vote smart, with logic and not emotion.  We are not choosing a Saint, a Pope or a Nobel Prize winner; what we need is a common sense LEADER!  There are three very important reasons why I, along with many Americans, choose to support Donald J. Trump for President.

I.  National Security/Defense.

II. Islamic terrorism and expansion of Caliphate

III. Economy/Jobs/Debt

The greatest danger to our national security is our porous borders.  The Democrats and Establishment Republicans wish to maintain open borders and allow illegal aliens to invade us and take up jobs from American workers.  For the Democrats it means giving citizenship to illegal aliens that in turn will vote for them since they come from socialized societies and are attracted to our welfare benefits.  The more “illegal immigrants” we allow from south of the border, the greater the chance that the Democratic Party will be in power.   Why would Republicans wish this also?  Because our establishment Republicans do not care who is in power as long as they can continue in office and the RNC keeps receiving donations from large corporations that lobby for open borders.

For the Democrats is about votes; for the Republicans is about cheap labor for their donors.  A Win-Win situation for both Parties.  A Losing situation for the American people.  We will not only continue to lose jobs but wages will also suffer while taxes will increase.  It also means end of second amendment, more regulations for small businesses, Obamacare remains, abortion money increases, police departments will be under Federal Government, lost of freedoms including first amendment and lost of sovereignty.  Yes, this election is about survival!

Immigration as we have today not only hurts our economy, but changes our culture.  Demographics determines our future, whether we maintain our sovereignty, our constitutional principles, our freedom, our language, and our Judeo/Christian values.  Not only are we in danger from invasion by illegal workers, but also from criminals, drug traffickers, and terrorist Islamists.  Only Donald Trump has spoken out in opposition to allowing more Muslim “refugees.”  We should learn a lesson from seeing what is happening to our European friends.

I’m also impressed at the fact that while Trump promises us a very strong defense, he clearly is against going to war unless is in our country’s interest.  His solution on ISIS is more about cutting their money supply by bombing the oil fields, than having boots on the ground.  It is about time that the Arab Nations fight their own wars.  With Donald Trump as President, there is no way Muslim groups can organize to bring on sharia law to our court system or even dream of expanding the caliphate.

Last, but not least, is our economy and debt.  Donald Trump is the only candidate who has both the educational and business experience background to impact our economy in a positive way.  Not only he knows how to create jobs, but also how to cut expenses and regulations.  A great example is how he is financing his campaign:  has spent the least of the top candidates and has maintain the lead for over six straight months.   Spending his own money is also a great benefit to us because he will not owe special interests any favors.

As for the clamor by the Republican Party to maintain “free trade,” it has not produced the expected results.  Why should one have to support the current form of free trade to be accepted as a conservative?  We need to do away with labels, whether is about Party or Liberal VS Conservative, and begin to think in terms of what is best for our Country.  For years we have suffered large trade imbalances with several countries, particularly China.  The American people are tired of buying only “made in China” products that are made of poor quality.  We need to bring back American manufacturing.  Donald Trump has excelled in negotiation of business deals.  He can do the same with our trade policies.  Hope that soon we can once again be proud of the label “Made in USA.”