The Freedom Caucus: Renewing the spirit of our Founding Fathers

Flag and ConstitutionNine Republican Congressmen have organized a conservative caucus to influence the House leadership in a positive and effective manner. The founding members include: Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Raúl Labrador (R. Idaho), Justin Amash (R. Mich.), Ron DeSantis (R. Fla.), John Fleming (R. La.), Scott Garrett (R. N.J.), Mark Meadows (R. N.C.), Mick Mulvaney (R. S.C.), and Matt Salmon (R. Ariz.).

The founding members will decide who to invite to belong to the caucus and plan to cap it at 40 lawmakers. The Republican Study Committee has acted as the conservative caucus since 1973 but it has grown to up to 170 members, many serving more the establishment ideas than the conservative agenda.

I applaud the formation of this conservative group that is based on our constitutional principles and the will of the American citizens. We should feel proud that we still have patriotic leaders who wish to follow on the steps of our Founding Fathers. We should thank these brave nine members, wish them well, and pray for their success.